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Our dedicated team of top-notch Financial Fraud Experts retrieves over $3,000,000 for our clients each month. If you were scammed by a fraudulent trading company*, tell us about it now and we’ll start working on your payback.

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PayBack LTD was founded for protecting people worldwide against online fraud & unregulated trading brokerages in particular. Therefore, apart from our Financial Fraud Experts, we keep former employees of those industries that decided to put an end to the to this disaster. Thanks to their key insights into the inner workings of those companies, we can damage their processing and banking funnels. If needed, we will take every single company to court and you will not suffer the expense.

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Money Retrieved In . 2018


The fraudulent industries we face in our practice, still manage to increase their victim count. Our goal is to hit back as hard as we can. With more and more fraud victims speaking out and contacting us, we are able to fight back harder and get them their money back faster.


"Getting into online trading didn’t end with losing only my savings, it ended with losing my family. When I understood it was all a scam, I felt devastated. With your help I got more than my money, you gave me hope for the future."

"I was a fool to risk my own house investing in things I din't understand. When I lost everything, I had to move back to my parents' house with my children. With Payback's help, I'm writing this from my new home."

"After realizing I was one of many who got promises of becoming a millionaire in a month, I was sure I would never see my money again. Thanks to you guys, not only did I get to see it, we got the bastards back!"

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